A Fitness Challenge: Kid Style

We've all had crazy days, right?  The kind of days that make you think of a MILLION excuses why exercise just has to go the sidelines and wait paitently for another day...  That day, for me, was today.  I had endless excuses...."I slept in..", "My daughter is feverish and we can't go to the gym", "My house is a disaster", "I have WAY too much work to do..", "I have a post to write...", "I'm exhausted..." the list just goes on and on and on...

As I was contemplating all of these excuses tonight, my girls (10, 7 and 2), decided it was time to get mom MOVING with a different kind of fitness challenge.  They turned up the music, literally pulled me from my endless excuses and with all of their boisterous, fun loving energy convinced me to throw my pride to the wind and dance my heart out in our livingroom for a FULL 45 minutes!  Surrounded by giggles, over the top dance moves, down right silliness and reckless abandon, I was able to forget my cares and enjoy myself and my girls.  There's nothing quite like children to remind you to be present in the moment and to keep MOVING!!  This is a fitness challenge I think I can get used to.

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October 18 2016


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