Wednesday Wisdom

hells half acre

This past weekend my family went on a hike to Hell's Half Acre.  It's a lava bed trail of hills and a great view of the valley and mountain ranges.  As I was walking along I started thinking about my training schedule and how grueling it feels at times.  The swimming, the biking, the running.  The combining of the different activities.  The constant planning of how to juggle my training schedule with my husband's trainging schedule within the scope of my limited time... and let's not forget those 3 very active little people needing me as well.  I was beginning to feel overwhelmed with the thought of how much physical work I still needed to put in to feel ready for the races I've already committed to.   As I began trudging up a hill, pushing a stroller I began cursing my sore backside from the long ride I'd done that morning.  Then I looked up from my self-pity and saw my 6 yr old and 9 yr old bounding up and down the hilly pathways of the trail, happy to run and chase each other.  They were excitedly searching for all of the intersting rock formations as they ran and were visibly having a wonderful time just being active!  They didn't care how many hills they climbed, how fast they were going or where the trail ended.  They were just happy to be on it!

I soon realized I was missing something!  I'd forgotten to ENJOY the activities I love.  I have loved swimming, biking and yes, even running since I was a child.  I've always looked forward to the feel and sounds of water when swimming, the thrill of speed flying down a steep hill and the sense of accomplishment when finishing a!  I think it can become really easy to fall into the trap of feeling "obligated" to get "x" amount of exercise in and way overthink the process.  How sad!!  Isn't the whole point of getting/staying healthy so we can ENJOY what our bodies are capable of?  I had forgotten to have FUN!  To ride a bike for the thrill of riding a bike rather than making sure I had gone enough miles averaging a particular speed.  I had forgotten to be grateful for the ability to run and soak up the beauty of the course instead of always looking for a finish line.
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So, here are my words of wisdom for the day.  If you ever find yourself dreading a workout... take a cue from kids!  Stop overplanning and go do something you love for the right reasons...because it's fun and you LIKE it!!  If you don't like any of your workouts, then try something NEW!  The best workout, is one you will DO!  Go play tag, have a foot race against a 1st grader (those little buggers are fast!), skip...anywhere...just try to have a frown on your face while skipping, DANCE!, play a team sport..the sky is the limit!
Share what you helps you refocus and remember to enjoy the journey.

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