Wednesday Wisdom

If you could indulge me here a moment..

I just went through my 9 year old daughter's homework folder Thursday night and found an essay she had written. Here it is in it's entirety.


Video Games


I don't think children, adults, or Anyone!, should play video games all summer. First of all, video games make you sassy and put you in a bad mood. Trust me, I've been there. Second, you get lazy and fat. Let me explain, you are playing lots and lots of video games. You start ordering people around and get lazy. Soon you start stuffing treats and goodies into your mouth. And Congratulations!  You're fat!


No offense to fat people, just in case one is reading this. Well once again, I don't think that children should play video games all summer long.


M. Nichols 


Let's just say she may have actually been listening to me about the sassy and lazy side and possibly may have watched one too many episodes of The Biggest Loser (think Bingo if you watched last season). I wonder what her teacher is thinking...  


Whatever her teacher may be thinking, I'm thinking these are Words of Wisdom.  So, if you've been organizing your summer schedule as our family has been this past week, make sure that you are NOT  planning to play video games all summer because according to M. will end up sassy, in a bad mood, lazy and fat.  

So, I thought maybe I should ask her what she would suggest doing all summer instead of video games and here is the list she gave me:

  • play in the pool
  • run races
  • climb trees
  • play outside with friends
  • stay away from t.v.
  • be outside most of the time

I can see these being summer plans I can actually commit to.

Happy Summer Planning to you and yours!!  

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