Wednesday's Wisdom

I received an email a while back from a past participant and it reads, 
"Though I am not participating in the challenge this time, I am trying to continue to implement the rules and habits I have learned during the last 3 challenges. Today, I created a graphic that sums up a lot of what I learned in your challenge. The sleep section wasn't really part of your rules, but I think is highly important for balanced health..."
In the article, Joseph touches on the basic habits we try to develop here at the Lifetime Wellness Challenge:  exercise and nutrition and then adds to that, sleep.  I totally agree with the sleep portion.  In fact, we will often add a sleep based WEEKLY BONUS to a challenge as a way to remind ourselves to be mindful of our overall health.  I know I could certainly use the extra motivation to make sleep a priority with my schedule lately!
"I remember that challenge. It was a real eye opener for me and I decided after that week to maintain that through the challenge. Next week I head to Hawaii with my wife feeling 20 years younger and 40 lbs lighter. Thank you!" --Joseph L.
Joseph made some amazing changes while competing with us and I'm so proud of all he has accomplished!  I think it's great that he still keeps in touch and is willing to send us what he continues to learn. 
If you'd like to read the entire article, follow this link .
Moral of today's post?  
There are many factors to improving one's overall health.  Exercise and nutrition are just part of the process...try your best to include adequate sleep in order to reap the most benefits from your fitness and nutrition endeavors.
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