"Are YOU man enough?"





Our Tuesday's Try It is generally about something that we have already tried and liked and want to share with you.  This weeks is a little different.  This is something that we are planning to try and we are so incredibly excited (and a little bit scared).  

During our last challenge, one of our participants introduced us to an event that he is the director of.  The event is called MAN GAMES.  He invited us to put together a team and register for the event, but after looking at the website, I thought, "there is NO WAY I could possibly do this.  Only someone who is completely insane with no will to live would want to do it"  But, after showing my husband and checking into it a little more, I was intriqued and really wanted to find out if I am "man enough."  So, after updating my will and naming a legal guardian for my children, Dianne and I and our husbands SIGNED UP!!  

So, what is Man Games?  You can find all the information you need on their website at ManGames.com.  They have events all over the United States...and it is "a one-day obstacle competition like no other."  You can compete as an individual or as a team on an obstacle course with 10 challenges that seem designed to test your mettle, get your heart pumping and your adrenaline flowing!  I think Dianne is most "excited" for the PIG SKIN challenge which is a timed event where you get in a muddy sty and catch as many pigs as you can!  My husband is almost giddy about the HUMAN SLINGSHOT, which is pretty much exactly what it sounds like...one team member climbs into a slingshot and the rest of the team launches that person in the air and into Deer Creek Reservoir!  I can't wait to try the GIANT ROPE SWING, the MOUNTED SPEAR THROW and the SPORTSMAN CHALLENGE (which is where you try your hand with a bow and arrow, an axe and a bowie knife), but I am especially thrilled to do the FLYBOARD FRENZY!  If you don't know what a flyboard is, you must watch this video.  If that doesn't look fantastically fun, you are either a complete stick in the mud...or you're 100% sane...!!  You can find out more about all 10 challenges by clicking HERE

We are planning to compete at the Heber City, Utah event on September 7th.  If you are in the area, come watch...or better yet, PARTICIPATE!  Registration is open on their website RIGHT NOW.  You can also follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


- Valerie


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October 18 2016


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