You've made it halfway through the challenge, and Dianne and I have really enjoyed watching your progress these past four weeks.  But we are especially excited THIS week because we get to see how your hard work equates into inches and pounds lost. I hope that some of you were pleasantly surprised as well by how much of you has "melted" away!

As a group (158 participants), you have lost...

746 pounds and 418 inches

I had to do the math several times because it just didn't seem possible that you could have lost so much, but it is right!  You guys (and gals) have really busted it out despite the obstacles, illnesses and injuries that some of you have faced!!  Each of you deserves a HUGE pat on the back for your effort and a HIGH FIVE for your success! 

Keep working hard! And please feel free to "Share Your Success" with us.  If you find yourself struggling and could use some encouragement or advice, we'd love to hear from you as well.  Don't give up.  Let's make the next four weeks even more amazing than the past have been!




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October 18 2016


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