Tuesday's Try It

I was in charge of planning Valerie and my workout last Monday so I, of course, went to Pinterest for ideas on track workouts in an attempt to mix it things up a bit.  There are endless lists of options that others have so generously shared, but in the end I settled on this one. 

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We paused just long enough between exercises to catch our breath then moved on, so it was fairly fast-paced.  The ones that  really got me a huffin' and a puffin' were the burpees!  Those are BRUTAL!  The first one is always..aw this isn't so bad, it's kinda fun, then by the 5th one I want to pass out and die!  No joke!  There's nothing that makes you feel like you've never worked out before like a good 'ol burpee.  Speed skaters aren't far behind, but those are amazing for working the saddle bag areas.  I felt those all. week. long.

Aaaand...because I must have been feeling a bit masochist/sadist that morning, I tacked on this Jillian Michael's Toning & Cardio Workout to the end.  What on earth was I thinking?!?  Sigh...   Here it is:  It's a seriers of 8 different exercises.  You start with an "Up and Overs", then "Jump Kicks", "Ab Sprawl", "Ready, Set, Go!", "Plank Punches", "Pop Ups", "Lateral Burpees" (basically, burpees to the side), and finish with "Dragging Dog".  If you click the image it will take you the Self.com article and you can try it out through the picture gallery or the instructional video.  

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There may have been some cussing and frussing that morning but I sure felt like I'd accomplished something in the end!  I was literally sore...everywhere... until at least Thursday but it was the GOOD kind of sore.  It was the kind of sore that reminded me there were areas of my body that have been getting neglected and need strengthening.  Don't be scared to try it out yourself!  Hard things are the ones worth doing and reap the greatest rewards!  

Try it out and come back and tell us what you thought or share some routines you love...or love to hate!  We always enjoy fresh ideas.

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