There's an app for that?

I made an amazing discovery the other day when trying to figure out a weight training plan for the my upcoming races this summer.  It's called Fitivity.  Have you heard of this yet?  I'm probably the only who hadn't but from what I've seen so far it's kinda awesome.  Okay, it's actually pretty darn awesome. 

Fitivity has a series of mobile apps focused on specific training programs such as basketball,  yoga, women's workouts, ripped body, weight loss, marathon, hockey, soccer, etc!  Since I have a couple of triathlons sprints coming up, I quickly downloaded the Swimming Conditioning, Yoga for Runners and Flexibility apps.   

Here's a typical workout scenario lately...  Valerie and I walk into the gym, turn to the other and say, "What are we doing today?"  NO JOKE!  You would think by now we'd be a tinsy weensy bit better at planning ahead, but alas we get sucked into our busy schedules just like everyone else.  This is where the Fitivitiy app comes in real handy.

New scenario:  We meet at the gym, open the app and we've got a PLAN!  The levels, days, sets and reps are all outlined.  My personal favorite feature is the exercise demonstration images and videos to help know how to execute movements I may have never heard of before (eg. diaper throw doesn't actually involve a diaper...whew!).

Have you found any great apps?  Share them in the comments!

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