Take Your Workouts "On the Road"

Summer is the time of year that’s known for increased activity levels.  There are trails to hike, lakes to swim, games to play and roads to be biked, but unfortunately it can also include hours of sitting on your backside.  These days we just don’t tend to live close to all the summer activities we plan.  The city or suburban dweller may have to travel 20 – 45 minutes before hitting a recreation area to enjoy or we may find that all the summer vacationing, road tripping, family reunion(ing) can include several days of “travel” before getting to the fun spot where we get to MOVE!  So, what can we do to stay on track with our health goals and avoid losing momentum while hitting the open road?  My answer?

Take Your Workouts “On the Road”

·      When refueling your vehicle, don’t just wander around the convenience store aimlessly with temptation gnawing at your resolve (chips, candy bars, and soda, ‘Oh my!’).  Grab a travel companion (safety first, please) and do a few brisk laps around the outside of the store instead.  You’ll find yourself much more refreshed when you hop back into the car.

·      Do squats at every bathroom stop.  No... not just “that kind” of squat.  Resolve to do at least one round of body weight squats each time you find yourself at a restroom.

·      Do wall pushups against the side of your vehicle or....on the side of a secure sink.

·      Wake up your body with a few jumping jacks each time you exit the vehicle.  Will you look funny?  Maybe.  Will you feel better for it?  Definitely! 

·      Bring along a set of resistance bands for those times you are NOT driving and bust out some hammer curls, overhead triceps extensions and overhead shoulder presses from a seated position.  I like to sit on the band for the shoulder presses.  You can even loop a resistance band just below your knees, sit tall, draw in the abs and work those outer thighs/hips.

·      USE the hotel exercise rooms!  Most will have a treadmill, elliptical, indoor cycling bike and/or free weights.  Check out our Pinterest boards for workout ideas.

·      No hotel exercise room?  No problem!  I did the following workout in my 3rd floor hotel room at 10 pm at night with no complaints from the neighbors.  Just be sure to step lightly and you'll be fine.  

My point is...don’t let traveling become an excuse for slacking on your goals!  If you are committed, truly committed, to improving your quality of life for many years to come, you will not let a few inconveniences get in the way of your exercise routine.  You will find a way and most likely make a few extra memories along the way.


Happy trails,

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