Today is your day!

Today is your day!
Today is the day.  Do NOT wait until tomorrow.  Do NOT wait until Monday.  Do not wait one more minute.  NOW is your time and today is YOUR day.  Take it and make it great!!!
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Weight Loss Success: Why you should make a MENU PLAN!

Weight Loss Success:  Why you should make a MENU PLAN!
Menu planning...I know, you're cringing just thinking about it!  There are so many excuses and they all boil down to the fact that it's hard to find the  time  and  energy  to do it.  So we don't...BUT, h aving a plan and executing your plan is SO important to weight loss success and achieving your healthy living goals.  We think it's so important that we require it at least one week during every one of our challenges.   So, why do we think menu planning is a good idea??   There are so many benefits ...
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Tips for a Successful Challenge

You've joined a Lifetime Wellness Challenge and taken your first step towards making sensible LASTING health changes.  Now what??    In order to have a truly successful challenge, we have a few tips that will help you be ready to reach your goals!   USE YOUR TEAM!    We are on teams for for the accountability, the camaraderie, the daily support and the FUN!  Focus on making changes for yourself, but remember that when that desire fades, your team is still counting on you to do your best.   J oin the ...
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October 18 2016


Transform your lifestyle by creating common-sense healthy habits. Earn points daily for making choices that ultimately improve your health.

Our 8-week challenges provide the friendly competition and accountability you need to make your weight loss journey fun AND effective

We provide the tools and training that you’ll need to succeed - no diet, no fads. Overall wellness is the NUMBER ONE goal at LWC.