Share your WHY

Share your WHY
  Watch the video below and share your WHY in the comments.     The 2016  Spring Challenge HOT TOPICS are open to EVERYONE.  Please share your thoughts and wisdom.  You can answer the question directly or reply to someone else's comment.  The purpose of the Hot Topic is to start a discussion about how to incorporate health and fitness into our lives, so if you have a question that you'd like us to ask, please let us know.  Feel free to comment whether you're competing in a challenge or not.  We alway...
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Be Happy WHILE Losing Weight

Be Happy WHILE Losing Weight
It's so easy to tell yourself that you will be happy WHEN....When you lose weight.  When you get a better job.  When your kids stop screaming.  When you have more money...etc.  The problem will always have problems!  Once you lose the weight, you will find something else to replace that "WHEN" and the happiness never comes.  Instead of wishing your time away being happy NOW!  Be "in the moment."  Be present in your own life and find the joy that is there despite the weight, the...
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October 18 2016


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