Super Bowl Snacks - Cleaned Up

So much yumminess in this post!!  With the upcoming big game in mind (you know, the one that most of us watch just to see the commercials...right??), I decided to see if I could come up with a meal that was a little healthier than our normal spread...and I gotta say, it turned out even better than I anticipated.  My family LOVES much so that my kids come home from school and put chips on a plate, sprinkle cheese on top and melt it in the microwave for a snack with salsa...they REALLY like them, so of course, that was the number one request for Super Commercials Sunday, er...I mean, Super Bowl Sunday.  In my efforts to clean up our menu a little for that day, I came up with these amazingly awesome Sweet Potato Nachos.  They were so good that I didn't want to share them with my kids.  (I'll definitely be making a bigger batch next time).

For some additional delicious snack ideas, check out these recipes as well:




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