Share your GOALS!


Share your goals for this challenge!

Have you set weight goals only...or do you have non-scale goals that you're working for as well??


The 2016 Holiday Challenge HOT TOPICS are open to EVERYONE.  Please share your thoughts and wisdom.  You can answer the question directly or reply to someone else's comment.  The purpose of the Hot Topic is to start a discussion about how to incorporate health and fitness into our lives, so if you have a question that you'd like us to ask, please let us know.  Feel free to comment whether you're competing in a challenge or not.  We always love to hear what you have to say, so don't be shy!




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  • Since I have more weight than anything else to shed, my first goal is weight/scale. My favorite thing about the LWC is it gives me the second goal of a healthy lifestyle. My newest goal is to learn how to have a small treat. I am so afraid of a set back that I am afraid to eat a treat. I want the balance of knowing eating a small treat won't kill the scale at the end of the week. Once I shed the weight, my next goal is adding to what I've been teaching my children about healthy habits so they have a better change of a healthier adulthood.

  • I love goals. Mostly I love to challenge myself to do races - mostly triathlons or bike races. That usually keeps me motivated. However, I need to find other goals which are just as motivating as I have been plagued with injuries to my right foot this last year. I will have goals of working out on the weights with my daughter instead. That should be fun!!

  • My goal is to get through the challenge without failing right now.

    -Courtney C

  • I think my goal is to see the whole thing through without having "bad weeks" or "I'll do better tomorrow" days. I'm trying to eat healthy while also not making myself crazy. I'm taking a little time each day to just clean some things up around my house - which is an area I've always struggled with (keeping it clean rather than cleaning it all up after it's become a mess). I would love to not have a week where I gain, but hormones sometimes get in the way of that so I will keep that in mind. Mostly I want to keep a good attitude and take care of myself.

  • My main goal for this challenge is to lose weight, but also to incorporate exercise into my daily life, and make good choices about sweets (I am a bit of a sugar addict...) I also just want to get stronger, because I feel AMAZING when I am strong and have increased my endurance.

    Rebecca S

  • My goal is weight related, but also to get into the habit of working out.

  • My main goal is weight loss. I also want to be more healthy in general. Being able to be active in the ways my job requires is important as well.
    Sara G

  • My name if Mary Ann. I live in Ohio. My goals are to gain control of my health including ability to be active with the grandchildren, think clearly, avoid temptations of the world by being clear-headed. In order to accomplish this I must avoid sugar, exercise, keep busy. In order for those goals to happen my food habits need to change. I know my food habits are contributing to failures in these areas of concern. Don't know the why's but from experience I know my body needs help with Food types and usage. Last weeks battle was with sugar, this weeks battle will be with fats. The big battle will be serving amounts but that will come later in the challenge. Amazingly last week was wonderful; after day 2 my thinking was more clear and my attitude was uplifted. Hopefully more great weeks to come and hopefully these habits will last to the end of my days and I won't have to fight this battle anymore. Thanks for this wonderful program. :)

  • If the scale was my only goal, I could get easily discouraged. I need to have goals I have a little more control over to keep motivated! I #1 goal this time through the challenge is to get perfect points. I won't freak out if I miss a point or two, but having the goal makes me feel more accountable and I find that it's harder to let anything pass by without at least trying my best to accomplish it. Besides, perfect points puts me well on the way to establishing good habits that I know I can keep up no matter what my circumstances are!

  • My weight goals are at the fore-front of my mind, however I do have non-weight goals as well. Living a healthier life in general is very important to me, so I can be a good example for my children. I have set goals for my physical fitness, and for the kinds of things I will put in my body.
    I also have dealt with a lot of pain in my life, and I finally set goals about battling that and overcoming it. I have been seeing a new doctor and getting help with it. Being in pain has caused a lot of my weight gain, so I know that getting this under control will only benefit me in the long run!

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