Tuesday's Try It

I went about looking for arm workouts recently because when my arms are uncovered and I look in the mirror...I have flashbacks of sitting in church with my Mom and seeing all the older ladies with their "bat wing" arms.  (Hey, if they can say it, I can say it, right?)  

 I remember thinking...'No way will that ever be me!"  Yeah...and much like that saying of people who don't have kids yet... "I will/would NEVER say _______ to my kids!" [insert "Because I said so, that's why!", "I'll tell you when you're older", or any other 'just get me out of this moment phrase you prefer'] I've found myself with the same problem that's plagued my mother for years...saggy arm flab that wants to take flight with the slightest breeze.  You really wanted that visual didn't you? 

Moving on...  Not wanting to resort to this level of crazy,

081211 flab1

I went seeking options on the worldwide web and found this great post over at The Art of Manliness.  Yeah, I know...weird for a girl, right?  It was a Google find, and I'm glad I found it because the post shows 35 different variations of push up exercises through videos!  I love visuals, don't you?  Wait...maybe not. ;)   Warning:  some of these are very helpful and some are just crazy hard, but way cool to see.  Check it out, give a few a try, tell us what you thought and feel free to suggest any other arm exercises you've found helpful!  (you know I need 'em!)  

This baby knows how it's done!  Look no further for a prime example of good form!baby-pushup

Note:  Boy push ups are a BEAST but really, really effective in building upper body strength.  Push up out of your comfort zone and try a few every day. (see what I did there?  **chuckle, chuckle, snort**)  Currently, I know they are helping me finally see a little definition.  

I also found this arm workout video on youtube that looks promising for tightening up the ol' guns.  Just 2 minutes in my shoulders were a flame and if I made a real conscious effort to contract each area of the arm that was being worked I could definitely feel the burn.  I can't say it was the most entertaining of videos, but I suppose it doesn't have to be in order to be effective.  Let us know what you think!


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