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wasn't really sure what I wanted to share on the blog today.  I knew it should be something Easter-related and I thought about finding a yummy, healthy Easter recipe to share, but then, I decided that focusing on JUST food seemed too small...I needed to go bigger.  So I enlisted the help of my good friend, Google, and started searching around online for healthy Easter ideas.  I found so many great ones, and I decided that for my post today, I would share my favorites with you!!

I'll go ahead and start with food...cause I love food and I found a couple of articles with LOTS of healthy holiday food ideas.

If side dishes are where you want to focus your "healthy," this article has 12 options.  I think we'll be trying either the Accordian Potatoes or Spice Roasted Carrots - YUMM!

If your whole menu is still in the works, check out this link at  They are offering a free download of their Healthy Easter Recipe Cookbook and their website has TONS of really delicious looking healthy meal options, like Ham & Swiss Quiche, EatingWell Deviled Eggs, Pineapple Coffee Cake and Tuscan Pork Loin.  

And if dessert is where you want to indulge a little without completely throwing yourself off track, check out's 15 healthy Easter dessert recipes.  I'm not even sure I could pick my favorites here...they all look so good.  Okay, I'm probably going to have to at least try the Reeses Peanut Butter Eggs or the Healthy Sugar Cookies...or the Snickerdoodle Blondies...Healthy Lemon Bars...Carrot Cake...oh my gosh, I want them all...(any guesses as to where my weakness with food lies???).

Okay...enough about the food, already.  If you're anything like me, I don't mind giving my kids candy, but an entire basket of it - especially when Grandma will have a basket of candy for them as well???  No way!  This link has some great healthier FOOD ideas for your Easter baskets and this link gives 50 NO-CANDY Easter basket ideas.

I love this link to with over 50 Easter craft, game, coloring and activity ideas

This one here has to be my favorite link of the day...Egg-cellent Easter Exercises.  With the almost inevitable overload of sugar and treats, here are some FUN ideas to get your kids (and you) moving and exercising.  We did this Easter Egg Fitness Treasure Hunt with our kids last year and they LOVED it...and I loved seeing them have a great time while working out their endless amounts of energy - Bonus!!


Along with all of these fun and healthy ideas, I must also be sure to point out that holidays are special because of the people we share them with and the memories we make.  While we, of course, encourage you to do what you can to make them happy and HEALTHY, we also hope you make them enjoyable!!  Participate in the traditions you love.  Splurge on your favorite Easter treat (not every treat...just your favorite).  There is a balance to healthy living that includes indulging on occasion and not feeling even a tiny bit bad about it because you know you'll be back at it again tomorrow!!  

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