Greek Yogurt Strawberry Fruit Dip

I love everything about summer; the warm sunshine that allows me to exercise outside instead of a stinky ol’ gym, the sounds of the birds chirping and especially the abundance of not just delicious but also nutritious foods available.  Summer is a time when we start seeing an abundance of fresh produce in the grocery stores and better yet, at the farmer’s markets


Another favorite thing about summer involves the gatherings with friends and family.  Whether it is a well-planned weeklong family reunion or an impromptu backyard barbecue with the neighbors, it’s bound to be a good time had by all and plenty of foods to go around.  The only downside to these events is that there can often be an overabundance of very indulgent menu choices.  While a little indulgence here and there is great, it can definitely be an obstacle if you’re attempting to improve your health habits.

One thing that I’ve found to help combat those situations is to be sure that I’m bringing something that will work for my nutrition needs while still being delicious enough to share with others.  Oh come on, you know you want to impress your friends with your side dish preparation skills!  My simple, yet highly delectable, Strawberry Fruit Dip, is a favorite.  It has a light texture with an extra hint of lime which helps it pair with a variety of fruits.  Center a heaping bowl of this dip on a pretty platter overflowing with pineapple, strawberries, bananas, apples, even blueberries, and you will have a rainbow of color that will cause any guest to ooh and ah.  Try out this recipe for your next barbecue and you just might be the next sensation and only you will know just how simple it was to do!



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October 18 2016


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