Feeling the LWC Difference

Feeling the LWC Difference
I absolutely love hearing how Lifetime Wellness Challenge is helping our participants grow in the pursuit of a happier, healthier lifestyle.  You are all so inspiring to me.  When these stories/personal triumphs were shared with us this past week, I just knew they needed to be shared with you, too!  

This challenge I lost 9 pounds and 8 inches.  That's not as much I hoped for but I cut 36 seconds off my mile and went from 25 pushups to 40.  

by Israel Nichols

​I think it's important to note that Israel went from running a 7:35 minute mile to a 6:59 minute mile.  So, 36 seconds is a pretty big deal!  He worked really hard for that improvement!!  

As you know, the last 8 weeks have been crazy in my life and I have struggled to stay focused on the lifestyle changes that I need to make.  I have not seen the results that I have in past challenges but I think I am happier with the results this time than I have been when I have lost weight.  I survived.  I have only gained 0.20 lb.!  I am a stress eater and even through the stress I have been able to be moderate.  I haven't fit in exercise like I need to, but I did what I could.  I didn't gain 5 - 10 lb. because of the stress and craziness of life, and I will take that as a win.  Thanks!

by Lori S.

So it seems like with me, my weight is a roller coaster. Christmas was not kind to me this year. These pictures are awful but I wanted to post them to show how much I love this challenge. I lost 4 inches off my waist and 9.5 inches overall. This challenge has really changed my life. I was very addicted to sugar. I didn't eat healthy foods as much. I love the changes I've made in my diet and exercise. I love the time for personal growth. I feel good about myself.

by Julie Nef

Julie has worked so hard this challenge.  She hit her goal weight and now feels in control of her health.  What a wonderful feeling!  We are so proud of you and all you've been able to accomplish physically but even more so, mentally and emotionally.

I am surprised at how easy it was to change my habits.  I expected to have a much more difficult time giving up my indulgences.  It's been a really positive experience.

by Andy D.

This experience was great for me.  I've always struggled to keep up the good habits because I was doing it on my own.  Now that my husband is totally on board I feel like we can maintain this success.  I'm excited to keep moving forward in this positive direction.

by Kristi D.

Kristi and Andy have working incredibly hard at improving their daily habits and it's paying off!  Please don't look at any of the pictures as "before and after" shots in the typical "I wasn't good enough and now I am" fashion.  That's not what's happening here at all.  These pictures can only tell a portion of their stories.  Those pictures, though represent a physical change, can't adequately show the switch in mindset that happens when you start to make your health a priority.  They can't convey the increased energy, the improved lab work, the sense of well-being that comes from improving your daily habits.   LWC isn't just about changes in body circumference and numbers on the scale, those are just a few side benefits of incorporating common-sense healthy habits back into life.

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