Enjoy a Healthy Mother's Day today!!

My daughter recently registered with a kid's website and we read this cute little article together.  I think it's a great reminder that there are many ways to show our Mother's that we care and LOVE to be around them.  The article gave some great examples to show appreciating our mothers that was more than just the typical chocolates and dinners gifts.  I LOVE that!  I'm sharing the article below with links to their website.  

I hope everyone has a chance to show your appreciation for mothers everywhere for the blessing they are to all of us!!


 Fun and Healthy Mother's Day Activities

May 09, 2013

 Have some healthy fun with your mom!

Mother's Day Activities
  1. Your mom does so much for you every day. She cooks for you, cleans up after you and gives you allowance to buy those new sneakers. So now, it's your turn to pamper your mom! If you're looking for fun and healthy things to do together on Mother's Day, just read on!

Work Up a Sweat

Whether they're picking you up from school, dropping you off at soccer practice, or baking four dozen cookies for your weekend slumber party, moms are always running around! So turn it into a fun activity by going for a run together. Don't stick around your 'hood, but check out a challenging hiking trail, or kick off your shoes and go jogging on the beachinstead.

Have a Picnic

Give mom a vacation. We don't mean airfare to Mexico, but more like a day away from the house. Cook/bake/prepare her favorite foods, pack them in ziploc bags and head to the neighborhood park for a picnic. Once you've enjoyed the food, the fresh air and the fun conversations, take a long walk around the park to stop and smell the roses.

De-Stress in the Garden

Did you know gardening is a great stress reliever? You get an aromatherapy treatment from the fragrance of the flowers and you stretch and work out your body by planting and pulling out weeds. As well, pastel colors, like pink tulips and yellow daffodils, are known to have a calming effect on your emotions, so it's no wonder your mom loves to garden! And who knows - you may end up liking it so much that you garden with her even after Mother's Day!

Have a Spa Day

Many beauty salons offer mother-son and mother-daughter packages on this special day. You can get a head-to-toe treatment or focus on one area, like the face or back. You won't be exercising your heart or working up a sweat (unless you lounge in the steam room), but a day at the spa will leave your mom rejuvenated, relaxed and glowing all Mother's Day long.

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