Lifetime Wellness Challenge is open to anyone age 14 or older who sincerely wants to establish habits that promote overall wellness. 


Registration will be completed via the REGISTER link at In a SIMPLE Challenge, points are accumulated for 8 weeks and in a MINI Challenge, points are accumulated for 4 weeks.


Each participant will pay a $40 non-refundable fee ($30 for Simple MINI challenges).  All payments must be submitted via PayPal before registration is complete.  Detailed instructions and additional information regarding cost can be found in FAQ.  SIMPLE CHALLENGES are for SOLO PARTICIPANTS ONLY.

SOLO participants will compete in competitions made up of 15-30 individuals.  LWC reserves the right to administer competitions with more than 30 solo participants, but will add additional prize money should that happen.

You will NEED:

1.  A scale (Weight Loss and Maintenance Tracks)

2.  Tape measure

3.  Access to the internet!!

EARN POINTS with the following HABITS 

Daily Personal Growth 

Exercise 5 days a week

Limit Sweets to 3 per week

Eat 5+ Vegetables and Fruits daily 

Drink 64 oz. Water daily

Be done eating by 9 PM

Daily Team or Social Contact

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**NO WEEKLY BONUSES - Participants WILL have the opportunity to participate in SIMPLE TIEBREAKER BONUSES.  These points will only be used in the case of a tie**


Weight Loss Track

Weight points are calculated using weight loss percentage and are earned when you maintain and/or lose weight.

Weight Maintenance Track

Weight points are calculated when you maintain your goal weight.

Healthy Living Track

“Weight” points are awarded when you earn a specific percentage of your weekly points.


Tie-breaker Bonuses will be available every week during a SIMPLE CHALLENGE.  The tie-breaker will likely be the same every week. Participants are NOT required to complete these bonuses in order to earn all their weekly habit points and the points will ONLY be used to determine OVERALL WINNERS in the case of a tie.  Tie-breaker points will be used to determine the HIGHEST INDIVIDUAL POINTS Prize.


Points can be recorded daily on the Lifetime Wellness Challenge website.  Weekly points MUST BE recorded by midnight (MST) on Mondays in order for them to count.

Points must be recorded by midnight each Monday night. 25 POINTS will be DEDUCTED from ALL LATE SUBMISSIONS, without exception unless you have contacted us BEFORE the deadline to let us know you have extenuating circumstances.  We will only accept late point submissions for 24 hours after the deadline.  After 24 hours, your points for that week will no longer count toward your final score.

When the leaderboards are updated (on Tuesdays) Individual point totals will NOT be posted. Weekly Results are not cumulative, though the Final Results are. At the very end of the competition, the point grand totals will be posted, participants will be ranked and overall winners declared.

We ask that everyone please be honest in your point reporting. Your integrity is not worth a few points, and your health will reflect your commitment to living the rules of this competition.


  • The SOLO with the most points in each competition (Weekly Points + Weight Points) will be awarded a cash prize. (Tie-Breaker Points are counted ONLY if there is a tie).  In SIMPLE & MINI CHALLENGES with competitions that include more than 30 participants, cash prizes will be awarded to participants who earn the FIRST, SECOND and THIRD most points.


The participant with the highest individual points (Weekly Points + Tie Breaker Bonus Points **NO WEIGHT POINTS**) in each competition will be awarded a cash prize.  Should there be a tie among the Individual Points winners, the winner will be chosen by random draw.  Any participant who wins an OVERALL Prize is not eligible to win the Highest Indiviudal Points Prize for that challenge.


After the winners are announced on Wednesday, the winners will receive a congratulatory email on Thursday or Friday and payments will be sent to the PayPal address collected at registration within 10 business days of the end of a challenge.  


If you are ready to participate, please register via the JOIN NOW link and make sure your non-refundable registration fee is received before the payment deadline via PayPal.

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Lifetime Wellness Challenge
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Transform your lifestyle by creating common-sense healthy habits. Earn points daily for making choices that ultimately improve your health.

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