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We LOVE our Lifetime Wellness Challenge participants! We are always amazed at their dedication and determination to live healthier, happier lives, and this page is dedicated to sharing the results of their hard work with others.  We hope their success inspires and encourages YOU to make the changes necessary in your life to  see the same results! 

At LWC we see participants who lose A LOT of weight, but we also hear countless stories that acknowledge success that can't be measured on a scale...like learning to love vegetables, accomplishing fitness goals they never imagined possible and seeing positive changes in the habits of their families and friends.  Follow this linkif you are interested in learning more about Lifetime Wellness Challenge and be sure to subscribe to our daily motivational blog! 

"I have changed by becoming more aware of my choices.  I love having goals to work towards each day.  It keeps me on my toes and more accountable.  Before I would think, "Oh well, I'll do bettewr tomorrow", but now I think, "I have to earn those points!"  And it works!  The more points I earn, the better I feel and the more I achieve."  Merinda P., Summer Solo, 2016

"These past few weeks have without a doubt changed me for the better!  I am 13 lbs down and that is obviously fun, but I have made some pretty great habits that I have EVERY intention of keeping up!... Most of all though, this challenge has forced me to take my health and wellness seriously and to make it a priority every day."  Hannah S., Summer Solo winner, 2016

"I've learned that I can make time to work out every day... I feel so much better about myself, I feel stronger, and I feel more able to resist the sweets and temptation around me."  Summer Buddy, 2016

"While losing weight I have gained control over my choices!  I love the feeling of being able to say, 'No' when I should, so I can say 'Yes' when it's appropriate.  Focus and accountability have helped me the most to gain the control I need."  Summer Buddy, 2016

carrie t before after

"I have struggled with this challenge because I haven't lost any weight.  After I saw my pictures, I realized weight is just a number.  I have been lifting weights and there is a definite difference in my body.  I love lifting and feeling stronger and from now on I am just going to focus on getting in my workouts and making good choices - not the scale". - See more at: http://www.lifetimewellnesschallenge.org/index.php/lwc-blogs/weight-is-just-a-number#sthash.QE93hAUs.dpuf

"I can't tell you how helpful it's been to actually have a program that holds me accountable in such a supportive way.  I hit [a number on the scale this week] I haven't seen in probably 10 years.  I can't describe the impact that seeing that show up on the scale did for me, my motivation and self confidence.  Possibilities are opening up for me that physically were not possible two months ago.  Do you have any idea how amazing that feels?  I'm not just changing my weight.  I'm changing how I experience life.  That is much more of a change than I was expecting when I started what I initially thought was going to be my "next diet" program.  Having a supportive team who motivates each other is the key to this great program.  I definitely could not be doing this alone." Brian S., The All Mighty Huff & Puffs - See more at: http://www.lifetimewellnesschallenge.org/index.php/lwc-blogs/losing-weight-improving-fitness-creating-possibilities-with-lwc#sthash.VNB8Pl3f.dpuf 

joseph l testimonial

"Over the past 10 years I have tried many diet and exercise programs and even hired a personal trainer.  Each of them gave me some temporary results, but none of them were lasting because they simply weren't sustainable for me.

Last summer, my sister told me about the Lifetime Wellness Challenge.  The rules seems straightforward and not too overwhelming.  The challenge gave me exactly the structure I need to make meaninful, impactful changes to my diet and exercise.  I participating in three consecutive challenges and lost a total of 40 pounds.

More importantly, I gained a roadmap for maintaining personal health and fitness.  I highly recommend the Lifetime Wellness Challenge for anyone looking to lose weight or simply live healthier." -Joseph L., LWC participant

- See more at: http://www.lifetimewellnesschallenge.org/index.php/lwc-blogs/joseph-l-lost-40-lbs-and-gained-a-road-map-for-success#sthash.VsjOFSeZ.dpuf 

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October 18 2016


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