**  Lifetime Wellness Challenge has always been about creating balance and filling your own cup first so you have the energy and desire to serve those around you.  After careful consideration and a good heart-to-heart discussion, we've decided to put Lifetime Wellness Challenge on the back burner for a few months until we can get a handle on our own lives. You've become family to us, so this was not an easy decision.  We absolutely LOVE interacting with you and being a part of your health journeys.  We appreciate all of the support and inspiration you've given us the past 9 years and hope you'll understand and cheer us on as we struggle through this difficult time in our own lives.  We do NOT see this as an ending...just a pause.  We plan to be back stronger than ever once things settle down!  Once we're ready, you'll see the options "Upcoming Challenges" from your user dashboard.  ***                   

 --Dianne & Valerie

 A sensible approach to WEIGHT LOSS and WELLNESS through accountability, support, and friendly competition.

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Lifetime Wellness Challenge is a 4-week competition focused on establishing healthy habits, losing weight, and maintaining good health using common sense and accountability.  Anyone age 14 or older who is self-motivated and sincerely wants to establish habits that promote overall wellness.  A few times a year we offer 4-week "MINI" challenges that focus on developing the core habits of health without extra bonuses.  MINI challenges are most often administered during the summer months and around the end of the year.  Scroll down on our Home page under UPCOMING CHALLENGES for exact dates.  MINI challenges are SOLO ONLY competitions.


  • Solo & Buddy Competition options
  • Exercise - 5 days a week
  • Eat 5 fruits and vegetables daily
  • Daily Personal Growth
  • Limit sweet servings to 3 a week
  • Not eating after 9 PM
  • Hot Topic Comment
  • Weekly Bonus Challenge
  • Weekly Giveaways!


  • You're not alone!  
  • Accountability
  • Affordability 
  • Fun & Friendly Competition
  • Cash Prizes


  • $40 per person

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Contact us or see FAQ if you have any questions or concerns.


What We're Saying

October 18 2016


Transform your lifestyle by creating common-sense healthy habits. Earn points daily for making choices that ultimately improve your health.

Our 8-week challenges provide the friendly competition and accountability you need to make your weight loss journey fun AND effective

We provide the tools and training that you’ll need to succeed - no diet, no fads. Overall wellness is the NUMBER ONE goal at LWC.